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Who we are

Beauty for Ashes 2.0 (BFA) is a 501c3 organization that through counseling, training and development, and career coaching helps marginalized individuals live productive, self-sustaining lives.

Our beginning


In 1999, Cassie Hammock joined forces with her brother, Dr. James Brown, to bring one of the first community and family outreach centers to the former, Frenchtown community in Tallahassee, FL. In 2006, Cassie assumed the sole leadership position of the community center. She changed the name to Frenchtown Outreach Center, Inc., and began offering self-help groups for substance abusing individuals and families, parenting classes, reformation development for prostituting women along with job-readiness training and career counseling. She extended her compassionate reach even further by becoming the founder of Beauty for Ashes 2.0.

We believe all individuals have value; can learn to embrace who they really are; can redefine their future, and can change their world.

Our Mission

is to provide hope and healing, education, empowerment and employment assistance, to distressed and marginalized women and communities with behavioral, mental, and physical disabilities, to help improve their socioeconomic conditions, overall well-being, and discover the beauty in life despite the ashes.

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